Dr Eliza is unmistakably passionate about people and teeth! She has a holistic outlook and the drive to excel. Her comprehensive approach to patient care validates her confident understanding and application of modern dentistry.

Dr Eliza has been in the dental industry for over 20 years, having worked as a dental assistant and clinical co-ordinator in several practices in Canberra, Melbourne and London prior to completing her Masters at La Trobe University in Bendigo in 2017. It was Eliza’s love of assisting patients, along with the inspiration from dentists she worked for, that led to her passion and determination to become a dentist. Dr Eliza is highly proficient in all aspects of general dentistry but is especially attracted to treating patients with complex needs. She is also interested in periodontal health (gum/bone health) and occlusal relationships (biting relationships).

Eliza believes regular and ongoing professional development is the height of responsibility for every health practitioner. Stating… “In the technological age we operate in, it would be negligent not to”. She believes that making people comfortable in the clinical environment is the first and most important step in creating a long and successful practitioner-patient relationship. Her excellent social skills create a nurturing environment which in turn creates a space where patients feel safe in her care. Many of her patients have remarked “I didn’t realise a dental appointment could be so easy and even fun”.

Outside of work, Eliza is inspired by nature and architecture, she loves art of any description, music, dance and food. She is happiest when cooking or gardening.