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Bad Habits That Damage Teeth

Are you guilty of performing bad habits that damage your teeth without realising it? Sometimes, performing these bad habits are done on-the-spot because it is considered the easiest time-saving method. Although, if you continue to perform these bad habits, it will always counter any oral hygiene plans you adopt, meaning regular check-ups to the dentist.

Some of the pitfalls for our teeth are uncontrollable. Although, those that are can be stopped and stopped now. Performing one or more of the following five bad habits we’ve picked out can have significant consequences to your teeth without realising it, even if you already perform oral hygiene tips to look after your teeth and cosmetics at home such as dental veneers.

Let’s take a look at the five popular bad habits that damage teeth.

Using Teeth To Open Or Tear Objects

Teeth were never designed to open objects such as packaging or breaking off cello tape. Using your teeth to perform this can cause them to shift out of position, fracture and crack. Avoid using your teeth to do this. You’re causing damage to your enamel as well. If you’re a cosmetic patient that has crowns or veneers fitted, you’re more likely to damage them.


Teeth Grinding

If you find that you grind your teeth at night during sleep, it is recommended that you book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Teeth grinding is an irritating trait that you cannot control. It is often linked to stress and anxiety. Teeth grinding can chip your tooth enamel, loosen and crack teeth. You’ll also begin to experience facial soreness such as headaches.

Skipping Oral Hygiene Steps

Sometimes, out of tiredness we can skip brushing teeth in the night or forget to rinse our mouth after a heavy meal. Doing this degrades your teeth. Everybody is expected to brush their teeth everyday in the morning when they wake up. Ensure that you perform this essential step at night, to keep plaque food debris away from teeth. Bacteria feeds off these two symptoms to attack your teeth.

Stress Habits

Many harmful habits to our teeth can be caused by stress. It is important to understand how you can manage your stress. When stressed, you avoid thinking about the habits you’re performing, such as opening and tearing objects or biting down on hard objects unnecessarily. Biting fingernails is a big symptom of stress and anxiety. You can read more here about how stress can impacts your oral health.

Smoking Or Chewing Tobacco

Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco are bad habits that introduce staining and tartar on teeth. Continuing to perform these habits can also be the cause of gum disease and even tooth decay. Even with positive oral hygiene, tobacco products will continue to damage your teeth.



If you’re guilty of one or more of these habits, you’re doing damage to your teeth without realising. In addition to a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water alongside removing these daily habits will go along way in preserving the health of your teeth. Your teeth are not designed to be used as short-cut activities. You do not want your smile to be damaged by one of these habits.

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