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Bad Habits That Damage Your Teeth

Regularly brushing and flossing teeth will keep teeth and gums strong and healthy. You want to make sure you’re keeping it that way and not damage any efforts to your smile by performing bad habits that damage your teeth.

‘Bad habits’ mean performing certain actions that involve the use of your teeth, with the added risk of damaging your teeth. Sometimes, you perform these habits without consciously realising that you do it. Although, it can impact not only our oral health but our daily lives.

Here are some secret culprits that can not only damage teeth but degrade your oral health in general as you get older.

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Not Brushing Your Teeth At Night

Instead of brushing your teeth before bed, some are more likely to eat a snack before going to bed. Food debris remains in the mouth when you sleep, and this increases the risk of dental plaque build-up. Always ensure your mouth is clean before you sleep and brush your teeth twice, once when you wake up and once at night.

Opening Packaging

If scissors or a knife is too far, it is naturally convenient for you to think that you can use your teeth to open the packaging. Although, you will notice that there is more impact on your teeth when you use them for it. Using your teeth as an opening tool can cause your teeth to chip and crack.


Biting Your Nails

One of the toughest habits to stop is nail-biting. The issue with nail-biting is that it is a convenient habit when you are bored or under stress. Biting your nails can chip your teeth and cause jaw dysfunction. Consider applying something you dislike on your nails to kick the habit. If you feel it helps you cope with stress, contact your doctor to identify new methods to cope with stress.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding and clenching your teeth is a common habit that usually occurs during sleep and when you’re stressed. Often, the conditions get unnoticed, making it more difficult to control. Consider consulting your dentist for a mouthguard to wear during sleep, and also consider techniques to help reduce stress.Cavities formed on teeth

Brushing Too Hard

Did you know that brushing your teeth too hard is actually damaging to your teeth? If you feel that brushing with some extra effort will remove stains to make way for a whiter smile, it actually does the opposite. Brushing hard damages the bristles on teeth, and can cause teeth to fracture and crack. Plus, when the bristles are damaged, they can no longer pick up bacteria, meaning bacteria is spread across your teeth.

Performing bad habits that damage teeth such as this can naturally occur when you’re not actually aware that you’re performing them. If you perform one or more of these habits, think about how you’re potentially damaging your teeth in the process, and attempt to reduce performing these habits to preserve the health of your teeth. One of the key things to think about is how dentistry can become less affordable if you damage your teeth.


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