Do Stains Kill Your Smiling Confidence?

Do you wake up in the morning and wonder how to get rid of stains on your teeth? How your teeth look will likely affect your smiling confidence, and smiling attributes to overall good wellbeing. So, does discolouration kill your smiling confidence? Of course, it can be difficult to hold your smile when you’re in public with stained teeth. It can be more damaging to confidence if you try your best to maintain a strong oral routine, yet those stains continue to appear.

If you’re wondering what attributes to staining, its simple, your oral routine. Is your oral routine strong enough to prevent stains? The likely answer is no. Stains that form on teeth are likely to be due to your diet, and your diet is an important part of a strong oral routine. If you consume foods such as sauces, berries, meat and sugar candy, and drinks such as tea, coffee and wine, you’re at risk of deep staining on your teeth.

No matter how many times you visit the dentist, or how well you brush and floss your teeth, a diet containing this food and drink will attribute to staining. Coffee is a significant culprit. Find out how here.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to improve your smiling confidence.

Lady hiding her smile

Change Your Diet

Straight off the bat, the first recommendation is to change your diet and make sure it is evenly balanced. There is no need to avoid consuming staining food and drink altogether but reduce its consumption. Consider drinking more water throughout the day, eat more dry fruit and vegetables and other foods that contain calcium and phosphate. Calcium and phosphate are two properties that can keep enamel strong and protect your teeth from staining.

Visit The Dentist

Visiting the dentist shouldn’t just be about getting your teeth cleaned, but seek advice on how to keep your smiling confidence intact. The dentist is always the best person to advise on anything dentistry-related, and advice should always be welcome. The dentist may also provide you with an oral routine plan you carry out at home for better smiling confidence.

Consider Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening is one of the more popular forms of cosmetic treatment and is a great solution for stained teeth. You want to safeguard from having teeth whitening treatment regularly, but it is a good starting point to remove any stubborn stains. The dentist will apply a special whitening gel around your teeth as part of the treatment.


Is it time to seek support from your dentist with regards to staining? Ultimately, your teeth and mouth will only begin to stain when it consumes staining properties. Therefore, you are in control of the food and drink you consume. Your smiling confidence will be restored instantly if you follow these three steps regularly as part of a strong oral routine, especially your diet. You want your teeth to work for you, and remineralizing your teeth with the right vitamins and minerals is a great way to keep your teeth clean.

Is your smiling confidence taking a hit due to stains on your teeth? Consider teeth whitening treatment at our Dental Docklands practice today. Contact us here to book an appointment with us to restore your smiling confidence!