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Is Tooth Sensitivity A Serious Problem?

Sensitive teeth can stem from minor to major pain. Either way, sensitivity can lead to discomfort and the seriousness of problem may lie through an underlying dental condition requiring dental emergency treatment. On the other hand, someone that has sensitive teeth could be due to a crack that requires a simple restoration. Sensitivity in teeth can occur from many reasons. It can be something minor that requires simple adjustments or can be something serious. Let’s break down further when sensitivity in teeth should be considered a serious problem.

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The Five Sensitive Problems

  1. Your Teeth Grind Excessively – Grinding your teeth can wear down enamel and really degrade the look and feel of your teeth. Excessive teeth grinding can lead to chips and cracks which may become serious in the long run, such as a tooth becoming decayed. There are solutions to teeth grinding that the dentist can provide, such as acquiring a dental mouthguard.
  2. Your Tooth Has Cracked – When a tooth cracks, the sensitive feeling experienced stems from tooth trauma. A cracked tooth requires emergency dental treatment. Whilst there are home remedies available to limit the pain for the short-term, it’s not expected to help as a long-term solution. A cracked tooth can also lead to further tooth decay and infection.
  3. You Use Teeth Whitening-Specific Products – Tooth Whitening chemicals can produce sensitivity. Patients have complained of sensitivity when using bleaching agents in the past. If your toothpaste does contain whitening agents, restore to normal toothpaste that do not contain special preservatives.
  4. You Have Gum Disease – Gum disease stems from an inflamed or sore gum tissue that is exposed within the tooth’s root, which can be painful. This is also known as gingivitis. This would require an emergency appointment with the dentist.
  5. Your Brush Is Too Hard – Tooth sensitivity may also stem from using a hard-bristle brush or brushing too excessively. You may also experience minor bleeding. This can wear down your enamel, expose the dentin and lead to gum disease. Consider a soft-bristle brush and seek advice from the dentist on ways to soften the way you brush your teeth.

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To Sum Up…

There are other symptoms of sensitivity such as plaque build-up, consumption of acidic foods or gum recession. Ultimately, it stems from how well you look after your teeth. Oral health should not be underestimated, and as soon as sensitivity is felt, the dentist should be consulted as soon as possible. It is not recommended to use home remedies to cure the pain as the underlying concern can lead to something more serious.

If you’re experiencing minor or severe sensitivity in the mouth, contact the dentist as soon as possible and check yourself in for an appointment with our helpful dental team. Click here to book today.


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