My Porcelain Veneers Have Fallen Off – Why?

Porcelain veneers are a decorative smile makeover dental treatment that delivers a sparkly shine to your smile. In recent times, it helps to transform the smiles of ordinary people in order to regain their confidence. Dubbed the term “Hollywood Smile” or “Smile Makeover”, porcelain veneers are one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry.

Whilst porcelain veneers have many positives, like most restorative treatments, they can have issues. There may be instances where a porcelain veneer can become compromised and become detached when bonded to the tooth.

Whilst the rate of porcelain veneers falling off is minimal compared to its long-term success, there are occasions where they can break down for several reasons.

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The Six Reasons

Reason #1 – Ageing

Porcelain veneers are durable but also has a shelf life when ultimately, they will become loose. One of those reasons is ageing. The process of ageing naturally brings changes to your facial structure but veneers stay in one shape all the time. Therefore, if you’re a veneer patient for several years, you may need to consider altering or replacing your veneers.

Reason #2 – Wear and Tear

Naturally, teeth are going to wear-and-tear. However, the pace in which your teeth wear-and-tear is ultimately dependent on how well you look after them and your veneers. When teeth wear-and-tear, they can come in contact with the bonded veneer, causing them to become loose.

Reason #3 – Poor Oral Hygiene

When porcelain veneers, you must take extra care when you brush and floss around them. The gentler you are with your veneers, the longer they will last. Along with this, ensure you use a soft-bristle brush when brushing teeth. Also, after every meal, rinse your mouth regularly to avoid any bacteria forming through the mouth. This also helps to keep debris away from veneers.

Reason #4 – Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding occurs during sleep and it is difficult for the person that suffers from it to realise it. When teeth grind together it slowly degrades your teeth, causing chips and cracks to form and can damage your bite. This also puts your veneers at risk. If you’re looking to bond veneers to your teeth, make sure you find out whether you grind your teeth first and get it treated.

Reason #5 – Tooth Decay

The chemical bonding that occurs between the veneers and your teeth may become loose when your natural teeth become decayed. This makes the veneers detach from the teeth and fall off. This occurs when there is a lack of strong enamel to support the veneer. Therefore, ensure your teeth are looked after with proper oral hygiene at all times.

Reason #6 – Using Your Teeth To Open Packaging

You are doing more damage to your teeth when using them to open any packaging. This is not what your teeth are designed to do and can cause your teeth and veneers to crack and chip. It can be a normal habit to pick up, but only use your teeth for eating and smiling!



Sometimes, porcelain veneers can fall off through natural causes or through a lack of care. Veneers usually have a lifespan ranging from five to ten years. In order to keep your veneers strong for as long as possible, ensure you maintain good oral hygiene and keep teeth clean and clear from debris.

Do your porcelain veneers become loose? Are they on the verge of falling off? Read here to learn what to do next.

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