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The Foods That Cause Tooth Decay

Maintaining positive oral health is dependent on the foods you eat. Eating foods that are bad for your oral health can lead to severe tooth decay. When teeth become decayed, emergency dental treatment may be required to avoid the spreading of infection in your mouth.

When eating sugary and starchy foods, you’re feeding the bacteria in your mouth, which can form acid particles that attack your teeth. This can cause erosion of your enamel.

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The Foods That Cause Tooth Decay

Avoid a dental emergency by changing your diet. If you regularly consume one of the following foods, then consider changing your diet.

  1. Citrus Foods – Foods that are high in citrus expose acid to your teeth, leading to erosion of the enamel and decay. Even with lemon pieces that are added into the water can lead to an unhealthier beverage.
  2. Sugar Candy and Sweets – It is no secret that sugary treats are bad for your teeth as they contain refined sugars. When sugar is stuck in your teeth, they can cause cavities and expose teeth to acids, leading to decay.
  3. Alcohol – Alcohol decreases saliva which your mouth needs to act as a cleanser for teeth. Alcohol has proven to irritate gums and reduce the production of new tissue. Oral cancer is also possible if you’re a frequent alcohol user.
  4. Dried Fruit – Fruit, believe it or not, contains high sugar levels that act as a trigger for tooth decay. Eat fruits that are fresh as dry fruit sticks to your teeth. This feeds bacteria in your mouth to cause future dental issues.
  5. Coffee – Coffee is awful for discoloration as it contains ingredients that leave stains on your teeth. Coffee also makes teeth sticky and refined sugars make its worse for your teeth. It also contains acidic elements.
  6. Potato Chips – Starchy foods can leave debris on your teeth. Potato chips can stay trapped in teeth, this can lead to decay if not washed out.
  7. Vinegar – Vinegar is mainly used for salad dressings and chips but can trigger tooth decay. Too much use of vinegar can lead to enamel erosion.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

Reduce chances of tooth decay with regular check-up and clean appointments. Find out what happens here.

What We Say…

Plaque feeds sugar and acids. These are the main culprits of degrading oral health, degrading enamel erosion and tooth decay. Whilst these foods don’t have to be eliminated from your diet altogether, it is recommended that they are consumed in moderation. They should be consumed with a meal and not on their own. This reduces the intake if applied to meals.

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