What To Do If Your Veneers Have Fallen Off

You’ve identified the reasons why your porcelain veneers can fall off. Now, you’re in the position where they’ve fallen off and you need to know what to do next.

Porcelain veneers are delicate and require optimum care. If they receive harsh treatment, haven’t been replaced yet or they’ve passed its shelf life, you need to act and understand what to do next when the veneers fall off.

Follow these steps to learn what to do if your veneers have fallen off.


Replace Them

If you have been wearing your porcelain veneers for more than ten years, it is likely that the bonding chemical has worn off leading to the veneer becoming dislodged. The dentist will be able to look at the veneers to determine whether it is in healthy shape to bond the veneer back into place. You may need to consider replacement veneers if the old veneers have totally worn out.

Treat Your Bruxism

Porcelain veneers can become damaged and fall off if you suffer from Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding. Teeth grinding occurs during sleep and is a common cause for wear-and-tear on teeth. Grinding can also become an unknown habit. This increases the risk of veneers to become loose. It is recommended that you treat Bruxism. It may mean the veneer needs to be bonded to the teeth again.

Seek A Second Opinion

If you have porcelain veneers that keep falling off, chances are that the dentist did not bond the veneer to the teeth properly. Therefore, consider getting a second opinion from another dentist for the best solution.

Resolve Your Tooth Decay

If your tooth isn’t healthy enough and experiences decay, your veneer cannot stay bonded to the veneer. When teeth decay, the enamel erodes and becomes weak. Of course, there are lifestyle habits you can develop to reduce tooth decay.

Change Your Oral Hygiene Habits

One of the least common reasons for veneers to fall off is due to a lack of care. Your oral hygiene habits must include a balanced diet consisting of soft and healthier foods whilst reducing the amount of chewy and sticky foods you eat. When eating, ensuring that you chew softly to avoid inner damage to your veneers. Last but not least, brush gently around the veneers.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

To Sum Up…

Veneers are a popular form of cosmetic treatment to transform your smile. This doesn’t mean that veneers will simply work for you. As a veneer patient, you must ensure that you adopt the appropriate habits to look after them, otherwise, they can stain or become damaged. Read here to learn about discolouration on veneers. Following the above tips are recommended so your veneers last for a long time.

If your veneers have fallen off, you can read here to learn why. Alternatively, if you need to visit a dentist, Docklands Dentist is ready and willing to resolve your concern to restore your beaming smile. Contact us now and book an appointment with us today

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