Lady avoiding the dentist owing to poor oral health

Why Do We Avoid Visiting The Dentist?

Amongst all the chatter when you were a child about how ‘scary’ visiting the dentist was, it is still apparent today that children who believed the horror stories about visiting the dentist still carry that fear as they grow up.

Now, this isn’t something that should be made fun of, because there are genuine reasons as to why people avoid visiting the dentist, and not just because of the horror stories they were told as a child. Those that visit the dentist for the first time are naturally fearful of something new, but we’re here to tell you that visiting the dentist isn’t as bad as its been made out.

Having said that, the fear that’s present in peoples mind doesn’t just owe to what they’ve told, there may have been past experienced that make people avoid visiting the dentist.

A big part of modern dentistry today is for the dentist to manage the fears of patients. There are a good few reasons why patients continue to avoid visiting the dentist and any upcoming check-up appointments.


#Reason 1 – Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a common phenomenon and a popular reason amongst many people. This means that those that are anxious are simply fearful of visiting the dentist. They may not like the look of practice, they could be embarrassed with their oral health, or even have fears of objects touching their mouth. Dentistry nowadays involves dentists working with patients to allay their anxieties to get their teeth checked. Talking to the dentist is a popular way of sharing concerns so the dentist can explain and prove why visiting the dentist isn’t as bad as first thought.

#Reason 2 – Its Too Expensive

Treatment plans and procedures can come with a high price tag, particularly if you’re not covered by dental insurance. Although, those that require treatment plans and procedures are naturally those who do not look after their teeth and gums at home. If you take care of your teeth and gums, dentistry would be affordable. Poor oral health can have repercussions not only to your oral health but your bank balance as well. Would you continue to avoid the dentist if you were lacking in smiling confidence and had crooked, dirty teeth? If you are concerned about costings, look after your teeth at home.

#Reason 3 – Negative Experiences Of Past Visits

Bad memories of the past significantly contribute to a decision to not visit the dentist again. Those past experiences introduce a perception from the patient that visiting the dentist is bad. Again, it is important to disband what’s happened in the past to the present. If you’re in need of visiting the dentist but your past is holding you back, it is recommended that you share your previous experiences at the dentist so they can help you settle and prepare for a positive visit the next time.

#Reason 4 – Fear Of Judgment

It is natural to be fearful of what the dentist would think and say if your oral health is in a poor state. The simple solution to this is to improve your oral routine at home. Brush and floss regularly, avoid smoking and alcohol, drop fad diets containing sugars and eat protein foods for stronger enamel. These are the basic steps for stronger teeth. If you carry this out, your oral health will improve, and the dentist will be pleasantly surprised.

Lady hiding her smile due to poor oral health

#Reason 5 – A Lack Of Time

If there is no time to visit the dentist, this probably means that your oral health isn’t being taken very seriously and you’re likely to avoid visiting the dentist if there is an appointment coming up. A check-up appointment requires only 30 minutes of one day. Not visiting the dentist can lead to oral health complications you’re not aware of. Oral health issues can occur at any time, but its important to learn how to avoid any dental accidents, and that requires a visit to the dentist. There is always time for a visit to make your smile shine brighter.

It is recommended that you stop skipping the dentist and put your oral health right at the forefront of life. Not only can poor oral health lead to complications in the mouth, but poor oral health also links to adverse health conditions too. Take the time out to look after your oral health right now, and let your trusted Docklands Dentist help restore strong oral health. Contact us here and check yourself in with us today!