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Why Is Smiling Confidence So Important?

Studies continue to prove that confidence plays a big factor in your smile. If you regularly show off your smile without thinking about it too much, this likely proves that you have a high degree of self-confidence. There are times where seeking an imperfect smile takes time, but how your teeth look and feel to you impacts your smiling confidence.

When people suffer from a lack of confidence in their smile, it is likely to be due to how their teeth look owing to wear-and-tear or missing teeth. They may even have stubborn stains that simply cannot come off at home when brushing their teeth.

Are you one of those people that struggles to raise a smile due to a lack of smiling confidence?

If you demonstrate and perform these habits, the chances are that your smiling confidence isn’t at a level you’d want, likely to be due to the state of your teeth.

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Skipping Visits To The Dentist

The chances are that you’re skipping your check-up appointments at the dentist because you’re ashamed or embarrassed to show your teeth. This is likely to mean that your teeth aren’t in a healthy state and that you hide your smile. There could be many reasons for this; a poor oral routine, performing bad dental habits or suffering from adverse medical conditions that impact the state of your oral health.

Demonstrate A Lack of Self-Esteem

Poor self-esteem is a negative opinion formed about yourself. You tend to feel positive about yourself when your self-esteem is high and that includes warming to your own smile. When self-esteem is low, your teeth may be perfect to somebody else, but you may seek a smile makeover to improve the state of your smile. This introduces the fear of judgment from others and low expectations about yourself.

Hiding Your Teeth

Hiding your teeth means a lot of effort and energy is needed to turn your frown upside down, and you may even begin to experience anxiety when exposing your teeth. Whilst this isn’t good for overall wellbeing, this also indicates that you need further treatment to improve the look of your teeth.

A Forced Smile

A forced smile can be seen as a negative action and could have adverse effects on your quality of life. Getting into the habit of forcing smiles can lead to reduced opportunities. If you’re finding your smile uncomfortable, practice smiling in front of a mirror at home and it will become more natural. If a forced smile is due to anxiety in showing off your teeth, consulting the dentist for a check-up is the best thing to do.

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That’s Why Smiling Confidence Is Important…

Smiling confidence demonstrates happiness with how your teeth look, and it also promotes positive wellbeing. You don’t really think about your smiling and it becomes a natural habit. Alongside this, there is no reason to hide your smile if you’re performing the correct oral routine and are always looking after your smile. You can restore your smiling confidence by visiting the dentist every six months. If you’re avoiding or skipping visits, it is a good idea to reverse that decision now.

Why is your smiling confidence low? Did you know that you can check-in for in-office teeth whitening treatment to remove stubborn stains? Or, if there are other reasons, let one of our Docklands dentist’s know today and we will do all we can to restore your smiling confidence. Check-in here to book an appointment today!