damage from teeth grinding habit

Bad Habits That Damage Your Teeth

Regularly brushing and flossing teeth will keep teeth and gums strong and healthy. You want to make sure you’re keeping …
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Lady avoiding the dentist owing to poor oral health

Why Do We Avoid Visiting The Dentist?

Amongst all the chatter when you were a child about how ‘scary’ visiting the dentist was, it is still apparent …
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a patient visiting the dentist for their appointment

Do Not Skip Visits To The Dentist!

The dreaded question that nobody wants to hear has arrived! Are you skipping your appointments at the dentist? As children, …
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People showing off their smiling confidence

Why Is Smiling Confidence So Important?

Studies continue to prove that confidence plays a big factor in your smile. If you regularly show off your smile …
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Remove Your Stains With Teeth Whitening

Are you concerned about how your teeth look every morning when you wake up? Are you struggling to remove those …
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Do Stains Kill Your Smiling Confidence?

Do you wake up in the morning and wonder how to get rid of stains on your teeth? How your …
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An image of a cup of coffee

How Coffee Can Impact Your Teeth

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, unfortunately, you’re doing damage to your teeth without realizing. Understandably, a lot of people …
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Dry Mouth – Other Causes and Treatments

Although saliva is a big factor of dry mouth, it is important to be aware of other causes and treatments …
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Patient with cavity

How Dry Mouth Causes Cavities

Dry mouth is a condition that is caused by low saliva production inside the mouth. It is not uncommon for …
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dental check up and clean docklands

Saliva and Oral Health

Saliva produced in the mouth is an important weapon for healthy teeth. Whilst it is a subject not highly spoken …
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